A new day is dawning: iPads in HE teaching

iPads and other tablet devices are revolutionising teaching in schools, colleges and HE institutions around the world. Apps are changing the way students learn, experience fieldwork, receive their feedback and organise their learning.

This blog has been established to support lecturers from the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester (UK) as they move through a series of workshops looking at teaching in higher education using iPads. The intention is to explore apps and consider ways in which they might be used in a higher education context.

This group welcomes suggestions and comments from others, nationally and internationally, who are also trying to stay abreast of an area that is constantly changing.

About Cathy Thomas-Varcoe

I have a passion for distance learning and the opportunities it provides for lifelong learning. I have spent the past 11 years focussing on delivering quality distance learning. Drawing on my nursing background, I initially worked for the Royal College of Nursing Institute who ran undergraduate and postgraduate distance learning programmes validated by the University of Manchester and then for The Open University Health and Social Care Faculty. More recently I was a learning solutions consultant for The Open University’s Centre for Learning and Professional Development. In January 2012 I was appointed as the Distance Learning Lead for the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester. I have been involved in courses from concept to delivery, but the bulk of my work has focussed on writing and conceptualising distance learning courses.
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